WonderHat - The Nutcracker Set


Hong Kong Ballet x Yum Me Play WonderHat


Developed with a certified creative art therapist, Yum Me Dream is the platform’s proprietary line of STEAM certified imaginative play tools starting with the WonderHat, designed to help children explore emotions and develop social skills.

This Christmas, Yum Me Play is collaborating with Hong Kong Ballet to launch WonderHats inspired by the world’s most popular holiday ballet - "The Nutcracker". Children can become their favourite characters from "The Nutcracker", and learn about this magical Christmas story with The Nutcracker Prince and The Ballerina WonderHats.

Every WonderHat comes with a Yum Me Play guidebook developed in collaboration with a certified Creative Play Therapist, to guide caretakers on how to help children create a “containing metaphor” for their feelings, using prompt questions and imaginative play activities to allow children to project their own thoughts and feelings onto an object or a character and creatively explore them as they try on different roles. The guidebook also includes instructions and decorative stickers for caretakers and their children to assemble the WonderHat together. Enjoy the gift of play with your children this Christmas!


Designed for children aged 4-8

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